The Smarty SIM Card Overview

You may not have heard of Smarty yet, but they’re a relatively new player in the phone contract space. The Smarty SIM card launched a few years back, in August 2017, piggy-backing on the Three network to offer ultra-competitive phone plans.

Predominantly aimed at the 18-35 age bracket, Smarty is targeting an entertainment and social media focused market with three hefty data plans to suit.

All of the Smarty plans include:

  • 30-day contracts for commitment free flexibility
  • Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • Unrestricted Tethering in the UK
  • No Credit Check
  • Fast 4G & 3G Data
  • No Speed Caps
Last update was on: 12th May 2020 12:50 pm

Currently the middle plan, priced at £15, is offering double data for the first year if you sign up now. That brings your monthly allowance up to a ridiculously high 100GB per month, granting you the freedom to stream to your hearts content!

One of the great perks of joining Smarty is that they allow you to use 100% of your monthly data bundle on tethering. So for those who work on the go, the Smarty SIM cards could provide you with the stress-free, mobile work solution you’ve been looking for.

Smarty Data Discount Plans

As well as the huge data plans on offer, Smarty also caters to the low data-usage people out there (like my mum) in a novel and interesting way. With the three Smarty Data Discount plans, any unused internet gets converted into a refund for the user at the end of the month. Easy!

Smarty Sim Review
All Smarty Plans come with Unlimited Calls & Texts!

Let me explain how this works using the £6 Smarty plan as an example:

  1. You sign up to the £6 Smarty plan
  2. The first £5 of your plan covers your line rental and unlimited calls or texts
  3. The extra £1 buys you 1GB of data
  4. If you only use 50% of your data that month, you receive 50p off your next bill. Simple and fair!

I guess these plans are ideal for users who only use their phones for, well….making phone calls!

Smarty Signal

One thing that should be considered is that Smarty is powered by Three’s network. In the past, users have complained that Three has poor signal in some areas.

I remember when I first joined Three, 13 years ago, their signal was a bit hit-or-miss. I left and rejoined about 5 years later and the signal issues were near enough fixed for me.

Piggybacking on Three’s network has its advantages, however, as you are free to use your phone as usual throughout the whole of Europe. You still, of course, have to pay for any phone usage out of Europe. As with any new network, before signing up it would be wise to use their coverage checker to make sure that there is a reliable signal in the places you tend to use your phone.

Final Thoughts

Smarty’s offering of a no-thrills, no-hassle, phone network is quite compelling.

With bundles of data along with ultra-low price plans and unlimited tethering, calls, and texts; it’s no-wonder Smarty are growing so rapidly in the space.

As of right now, with Smarty offering double data on their 50GB package, you can get 100GB of data for just £15. If I were currently in the market for a cheap contract that didn’t scrimp on the data; this would be the plan that I’d sign up for.

What are your thoughts on Smarty? Do you have first-hand experience with them? Let us know in the comments below.


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