Playstation Plus Free Games [May 2020]

Sony has just announced their free Playstation Plus games for May 2020.

Available from May 5th, Playstation will be bringing us not one, but two simulator games this month – Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19.

First up, we have Cities: Skylines, which allows it’s players to own, build & grow their own sophisticated cities intro thriving urban areas. You start off with a large plot of land and slowly build a vast metropolis one building at a time.

Cities: Skylines – Free with Playstation Plus May 2020

It’s intricate too! You are entirely in charge of every aspect of building your city from its culture, schools, road management, building, logistics of deliveries, and even railway/airport management.

This game kind of strikes me as Age of Empires meets Monopoly… Sounds pretty cool to me 🙂

Secondly, we have Farming Simulator 19. A similar concept to Cities: Skylines, except instead of building a vast city, you’re making a productive farm.

Farming Simulator 19 – Free with Playstation Plus in May 2020

To me, this seems like the more relaxing simulator of the two, and I can imagine this being played slowly on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In this game, you plow fields, sow seeds, harvest your crops, and expand your farming operation over time.

Given last month’s impressive line-up of Uncharted 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0, I was initially a little bit underwhelmed when I heard what this month’s free games would be. But given the current global situation, I think that I could kill some serious quarantine hours with May’s freebies.

What do you guys think? Will you be downloading these?

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