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Bloombox Club
Bloombox Club is a novel plant subscription service aiming to boost health, wellness & well-being.
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You may have noticed a surge in indoor plants in recent times, particularly amongst macchiato-sipping, warehouse-inhabiting hipster folk.

It turns out that there are actually notable health & wellbeing benefits gained by surrounding your frequently used spaces in green flora – this is what Dr Katie Cooper (founder of Bloombox Club) has based her company around.

Bloombox Club Review – Selection of Available Plants

Bloombox Club is novel a plant subscription service that will send you a surprise plant either monthly or quarterly depending on what you initially opted-in for. Every subscriber who is signed up for the service in a given month will receive a particular plant. The last month’s plant was the Strelizia Reginae a.k.a the ‘Bird of Paradise’ flower. Cool huh?!

Bloombox Club September – Strelizia Reginae, Bird of Paradise Flower

Dr Katie Cooper and the gang understand that plant care can be confusing and a little time consuming – so they’ve taken all of the hassle out of the equation on our behalf. With each shipment you receive:

  • 1 x Unusual surprise plant of the month
  • 1 x Striking and interesting pot to accompany
  • 1 x A care sheet for the plant of the month, taking all the guesswork out of watering/feeding! (I suggest you keep this safe somewhere to refer back to later on)

On top of choosing your delivery frequency between monthly & quarterly, there are a range of subscription packages available to you with Bloombox too:

Bloombox Club – Classic, Classic Plus and Special Subscription Package Options

I’ve convinced my manager at work to subscribe to the classic subscription and we’ve slowly accrued a small forest over the past year. It’s actually made the whole area a considerably more enjoyable place to spend 8 hours a day! We joke that we’re turning into crazy plant-people and every month on delivery day everyone get’s a bit (read majorly) excited about our new arrival.

Bloombox Club – My Workplace Setup

8.5 Total Score

A fantastic service, offering both beautiful and interesting plants to help build stunningly green interior spaces with minimal hassle, whilst boosting health & well-being!

  • Beautiful and unusual plants
  • Equally stunning accompanying pots
  • Hassle-free and therapeutic
  • Thorough care instructions
  • Ability to buy one-offs
  • At £35 per delivery this could get expensive on a monthly plan
  • Small risk of becoming a plant weirdo
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